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Karen Peabody Supervision Circles Founde

Welcome to Supervision Circles!

I developed Supervision Circles based on my journey to create a private practice. Throughout my journey, I realized there were a lot of skills I did not have, especially around business development and planning. These were the building blocks that were affecting my ability to create a successful business. These are the tools that I want to give to you. I believe that proper support and knowledge will allow social workers to develop the business skills needed to make the money we all deserve.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Karen Peabody, Founder

Supervision Circles

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P.S. Click to read my blog post The "Un-officed" Therapist

What is Supervision Circles?

We are a community. Supervision Circles is a working group of professionals dedicated to developing successful businesses that assist our clients in healing while providing ourselves the financial support that we deserve. 

Our goal is to make Supervision Circles a place of refuge, support, and knowledge to help your success in both your business and clinical work. We want you to know you are not alone on your professional journey.

 We offer exclusive services for therapists looking to develop a private practice, including:

Monthly In-Person Group Meetings (or Zoom in) for Clinical and Business Supervision

Access to Our Online References for Clinical and Business Support

Book & Video References with Monthly Updates

Guest Speaker Presentations & Networking Opportunities

Referrals and Exclusive Deals for Our Members

Supporting Therapists. Healing Clients.

Our Mission

Supervision Circles aims to support passionate and talented  therapists becoming successful through reinvesting in their skills and knowledge. As therapists thrive & develop, they will continue to help clients heal. We believe taking care of therapists is the most effective way we can take care of clients.

Who We Serve

  • MA Licensed Professionals 


  • LCSW

  • LMHC

  • LMMF

  • LADC


  • PH.d

  • Me.d

  • MA

  • School Psychologist

Become a Member today!



Exclusive access to our online reference library, subcontracts, and discounts.

Networking & Support

In person group meetings, weekly conference calls, networking, business referrals and more.

Online Presentations

Events and Guest Speaker Presentations.

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