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Free Info Session

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FREE Information Session for New & Prospective Members 


TBA Please RSVP below to be notified.

Please join me online to learn about the benefits of becoming a member!

Supervision Circles is a community created exclusively for counselors to enhance their clinical and business practices with the right education and support. As a member of Supervision Circles, you will have access to important information, best practices, and resources to provide you with what you need to level up your business!

When I started my journey as a social worker I spent a lot of time and money on books and training which did not fit my needs. I was frustrated with having to use my limited resources and time on material and courses that were not effective. I felt like I did not have anyone to mentor me or the resources to gain the knowledge I needed to improve my skills. That is why I have created Supervision Circles.


Some of the benefits you will experience as a Supervision Circles Member include:

  • Monthly in-person meetings for clinical support and business guidance

  • Networking with incredible clinicians to grow your skills and practice

  • Access to our talented support network of experts offering tips and tricks to streamline your business and gain clients

  • Book review meetings

  • Inside information about conferences and continuing education

  • Resources for best practices and compliance

  • And of course, what we all need... support, both individually and in a monthly group session.

If you have already joined Supervision Circles, please register to learn more about what your membership includes. If you are a clinician looking to improve your practice or build a business, Supervision Circles is a community ready to support you and help you succeed.


Please join us for a FREE Information Session ONLINE. Please RSVP to We will email you a link for this Zoom event.

RSVP for Zoom Meeting here:

You are in! We will email you a link prior to the event.


Supporting Therapists. Healing Clients.

Become a Member today!

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